Rebble: Pebble’s Salvation?

With the recent wondering of what Pebble has in store for the future, there is a glint of hope on the horizon.  I learned recently of a project called Rebble.  Their focus is to replace key pieces of the Pebble platform: The appstore, firmware, and mobile apps.  Overall, their goal is to maintain and advance the Pebble functionality in the absence of the Pebble Technology Corp.

Since the Pebble firmware was not open source and is now owned by Fitbit, this team of valiant volunteers is having to start literally from scratch.  They are working with the hardware and software they do have access to and are trying to rebuild a firmware that is similar, but possibly superior to the one we all have on our Pebble watches now.


They list a status page of Pebble’s backend services and what Rebble is working on to replace them.  It’s definitely a lot to tackle, but the hope is a fully customizable Pebble watch with open source capabilities.

How can you help out this noble cause?  Check out the “officially unofficial” Pebble Dev Discord server and head to #rebirth to find out what the team is up to.

Click here to purchase a Pebble before they’re all gone!


5 thoughts on “Rebble: Pebble’s Salvation?

    1. That’s a good question! I’m not sure about Android Wear and whether it is open source. I would assume possibly so, since it is Android related.

  1. It would be great to see them pick up the mantle and do a Kickstarter of the Rebble (Pebble) and build on the core reason that made it so popular which was simplicity. The last hardware version finally fixed what was wrong with the original and then they pulled the plug.

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